Retirement Planning

It is never too early to start planning for your retirement, however most Australians leave their retirement planning until they are only a few years away from their retirement age.

Considering most Australians will spend more than 15 years retired it is important to work out your retirement strategy early to give you and your investments as much time to deliver returns and generate income for you during your retirement years.

Transition to Retirement Strategy

There are also specific ‘Transition to Retirement’ strategies that can allow you to access an income from your superannuation before you retire permanently or maximise your superannuation balance tax effectively in the last few years of your working life. This type of strategy could assist you to move to part time work, or boost your superannuation balance without compromising your take-home pay pre-retirement.

Fornaro Financial Group can work with you to establish and manage an effective tailored retirement strategy to assist you in achieving your long term wealth creation and retirement goals.