Wealth Creation

Everyone wants long term financial security; the peace of mind that comes with knowing you and your family’s future is secure.

By implementing an effective strategic plan, Fornaro Financial Group (FFG) can assist clients in achieving this peace of mind and creating long term wealth.

Wealth creation is best achieved through a multi-disciplinary long-term approach of consistently investing, identifying maximum deductions, utilising superannuation and other non-superannuation investment opportunities and effectively managing risk. At Fornaro Financial Group we assist clients to achieve their goals by carefully considering the risk versus return trade off as well as balancing capital growth with return on investment.

Investments can include property, direct equities (shares), managed funds, unit trusts and others. What is right to invest in is highly individual and specific to each client. Therefore, at FFG we tailor your investment strategy specifically to your immediate and future lifestyle and financial goals.

Cashflow Management

Budgeting is not about going without or limiting your lifestyle. It’s about being consciously aware of your personal cash flow and building the foundation required to take control of your financial position.

The first step to effectively manage your cashflow is understanding how and where you are spending money. Fornaro Financial Group work together with clients to set, monitor and review a personalised budget tailored specifically to you to ensure you are on the track to achieving your lifestyle and financial goals.

Our advisers utilise either an offline based manual system or an integrated online accounting program that integrates seamlessly with direct bank and credit card feeds for one click reconciliation and reporting for clients to effectively track their expenditure.