Business Management and Coaching

Fornaro Financial Group offers a range of professional services to our business clients including business planning, growth strategy development, performance coaching and succession planning whilst also ensuring the business has the financial and organisational structure required to continue to prosper for many years to come. Fornaro Financial¬†Group’s services to business clients include:

Business Strategy & Planning

Successfully establishing, growing and sustaining a business involves the implementation and continual review of an effective business plan and strategy.

There are various key elements required to create market presence, sustain business growth and achieve a competitive edge. With more than 14 years experience in business management and strategy development, Fornaro Financial Group assist clients with defining their business profile and goals to develop the strategies required for on-going success.

Our Directors work closely with clients to understand both the current market and competitive environment they operate within, identify market opportunities and respond with the right products and services. We create the foundation for a strong business platform by establishing key brand elements, developing an effective targeted marketing strategy, acknowledging and evaluating both internal and external business risks and developing key business strategies.

By defining and establishing these key elements, Fornaro Group are able to help create market presence, sustain business growth and deliver measurable results in line with the business’s goals and objectives.

Business Performance Coaching

Just how elite athletes require guidance and direction from professional coaches; business professionals also benefit immensely from a personal performance coach.

Fornaro Financial Group can provide tailored one-on-one coaching to both business owners and their individual team members to improve individual and business performance. This provides focus on objectives and deliverables, instilling a customer lead culture and customer retention strategies, sales mentoring, identification of leading and lagging indicators along with goal setting and business performance metrics.

Business Succession Planning

Ensuring you have the right business succession plan in place is vital to ensure the long term success of your business. A business succession plan identifies how the business will operate and who will be the benefactors should you no longer be around to oversee the business.

Establishing your exit strategy and buy/sell agreements with your business or life partner/s is also another critical element often overlooked by business owners. These agreements establish what would happen should you split from your business or life partner. By having these in place saves both time and money when executing.

Fornaro Financial Group can assist you in developing your business succession plan tailored to your business and circumstances.

Keyperson Insurance

Insuring your business against potential risk or loss of income/performance is as important as protecting yourself. Fornaro Group can analyse and evaluate relevant risk and recommend the right level of business expenses insurance and corporate salary continuance policy for your business.

Tax Minimisation & Planning

Fornaro Financial Group can assist you in understanding the relevant tax minimisation strategies for your business, which could potentially save your business thousands of dollars.

Establishing corporate superannuation funds, salary packaging strategies and staff retention policies relevant to your business structure can also help you safe guard against under performance and achieve your business goals sooner.

Corporate Employee Programs

Fornaro Financial Group works with a range of companies to tailor programs specific to their individual requirements. Our team of highly skilled specialists can develop employee information programs ranging from group presentations to one-on-one financial reviews.

Programs such as our ‘Be Wealth Healthy ‘series are dynamic and easy to understand informative presentations covering all the important topics to assist people to take control of their financial future including understanding mortgages, superannuation basics, personal risk insurance, estate planning and long term wealth creation.