Debt Recycling Cycle


Accelerated Debt Recycling Strategy

An accelerated debt recycling strategy can assist you in paying off your owner occupied mortgage sooner, saving you thousands of dollars as well as providing you with an investment platform, that will create additional wealth.

How does it work?

An accelerated debt recycling strategy replaces non tax deductible debt (owner occupied home loan) with tax deductible debt (investments- property, shares etc.) on a regular basis.

By using the tax advantages and income from borrowing for investment to further reduce non tax deductible debt, clients are able to build long term wealth in order to meet their lifestyle and financial goals.

While it’s important to reduce the non tax deductible owner occupied mortgage debt as quickly as possible, it is more important to build long term wealth to meet your lifestyle and financial goals. Many people wait until their owner occupied mortgage is paid off before thinking about investing. Unfortunately, this means they invest later in life, and don’t give their investments sufficient time to grow. There are many strategies a qualified financial adviser can recommend, however and debt recycling strategy is one of the simplest and most effective.